GSM breaks the rules. The old ways of doing business are ready to be swept away by the rising tide of technology and we are at the forefront of that wave. And maybe sometimes, we are ones rippling the waters.

GSM Innovation Labs

The best innovation for business is driven from within. We provide an environment which catalyses that process. We are the spark that lights the fire. Working within our safe environment, firms of all sizes become more agile, more responsive and able to do things that ordinarily they would not. Unrestricted by traditional processes and the usual rules of ‘this is how it is done here’, firms are able to experience transformational innovation.

Case Studies
The GSM Marketplace

We connect business with expertise in known and unknown markets, providing the means to communicate and collaborate 24/7 through the use of smart technology. This enables fast, efficient and secure and encrypted communication and collaboration across internal and external resource and talent pools.

Case Studies
The GSM Trust Passport

Trust is fundamental issue for any business and one which is increasingly difficult to validate in this digital world. Our ‘Trust Passport’ provides a immutable record which validates any data, any claim or any value statement – for any asset, in any market. This might be proof of an employee’s academic qualifications, or proof of provenance for an historic artefact or proof of supply chain audit / certification. We are deploying this unique approach across a wide range of sectors. Please contact us for more information.

Case Studies