Why work with us?

GSM is a ‘hybrid’ consultancy and digital transformation services firm which helps business of all sizes and in multiple sectors to prepare for the future.

We deliver efficiency, cost enhancement, greater assurance and engagement through the use of multiple innovative, agile technology stacks coupled with hands on, pragmatic expertise.


Find out how we are using Blockchain and other innovative technology to disrupt markets.

Projects include:

Digitalised enterprise asset management.

Digital supply chain and border transit/security.

Agile procurement.

Anti-fraud/counterfeit technology in consumer goods/electronics/pharma.

Global Sustainability projects – food origins, hygiene, nutrition labelling, consumer engagement.

Global financial services – ERP and EAM programmes.

Global consultancy firms – ERP and EAM programmes.

High-end retail and luxury consumer goods – digital customer engagement.

Health and social care – process improvement and digital asset management.

Ethical sourcing and supply chain management.

Alternative funding strategies.