Why work with us?

GSM is a ‘hybrid’ consultancy and digital transformation services firm which helps business of all sizes and in multiple sectors to prepare for the future.

We deliver efficiency, cost enhancement, greater assurance and engagement through the use of multiple innovative, agile technology stacks coupled with hands on, pragmatic expertise.

We view ourselves as partners in helping you build a sustainably successful business. This work begins with the identification of your needs and continues through the design and delivery of a customised solution that will meet these needs.

Identifying your needs begins with one or more workshops with you during which we want to learn about your business and the challenges that you are facing. Typically, these workshop sessions last no more than 4 hours and will involve a range of people from within the business. During these discussions, we will share our ideas for how we might work with you and identify the members of our team who will be your partners in this effort.

In relation to digital transformation, we aren’t tied to any specific technology set. Doing so, we feel, often leads to a ‘one size fits all’ solution and that is simply not going to be in your best interests.

Based on our discussions with you, we will prepare and send to you a formal proposal that describes the services we will provide, the members of our team who will work with you, the budget for these services, and the timeline for completion.

If you decide to engage us to work with you, we will deliver the services as described in the proposal and will not change either the people from the GSM team who are working with you or the budget unless you decide that changes need to be made. We want our clients to feel comfortable contacting us with their questions and concerns and build this contact into all of our projects.

Throughout our work with you, we want your feedback and value it. Over the past years, we have learned a great deal from our clients. Client feedback and ideas have helped us develop new products, services, and ways of delivering what we do. Our relationship with you is the very lifeblood of our business.


Find out how we are using Blockchain and other innovative technology to disrupt markets.

Projects include:

Digitalised enterprise asset management.

Digital supply chain and border transit/security.

Agile procurement.

Anti-fraud/counterfeit technology in consumer goods/electronics/pharma.

Global Sustainability projects – food origins, hygiene, nutrition labelling, consumer engagement.

Global financial services – ERP and EAM programmes.

Global consultancy firms – ERP and EAM programmes.

High-end retail and luxury consumer goods – digital customer engagement.

Health and social care – process improvement and digital asset management.

Ethical sourcing and supply chain management.

Alternative funding strategies.