Don’t be Sheepish…

Sheep and other animals have been unfairly blamed for causing problems with Brexit despite the fact that the technology to deal with border issues already exists.

According to the London School of Economics, ‘SPS measures will act as non-tariff technical barriers to trade, causing costs and delays.”

But this statement was firmly rejected by UK tech firm GSM, which said that “UK technology already has the capability to operate a virtual border.”

“It really is time that politicians and civil servants stopped both acting like sheep and blaming sheep for the failure to develop a 21st century response to border issues,” said CEO Andrew Bird.

“The potential to proactively engage some of the brightest minds in UK business exists right now, but anyone watching the select committee or debates in Parliament would think everyone is totally stumped for a solution.

“The potential to resolve the phytosanitary concerns for trade borders exists right now and with or without Brexit it is something we should be using anyway, just as we should be improving the process at borders with distributed ledgers.

“Quite why the government cannot, or perhaps will not, engage does raise a few cynical eyebrows, particularly when Brexit is being led by someone who campaigned for remain.”