Using AI to hunt down child abuse images shows huge benefits of embracing technology and importance of reforming education

Latest developments show “importance AI will take in all aspects our society”

The announcement by Google of a new artificial intelligence tool to hunt down images of child abuse has been welcomed by leading figures in the technology industry who have described the development as “encouraging” and urged civil liberties groups to welcome the move to help “tackle the hideous issues that society faces.”

“AI can be immensely beneficial in identifying and isolating concerning patterns of behaviour and we should encourage its use,” said Andrew Bird of enabling technology providers GSM.

“Technology isn’t going to go away: it is going to become entwined in every aspect of our lives from crime to cooking and transport to tourism and AI in particular can add a layer of security that should be encouraged.

“MPs led by the Home Secretary have been calling on the big tech firms in particular to do more and this time Google has answered. However, these developments always raise the argument of the need to balance security versus privacy.

“I would like to see safety precautions being driven through regulation and legislation to avoid a Tech Wild West and to allow the ‘man on the street’ to enjoy the benefits of technology, understand the risks and be involved rather than just a passive user or potential data.

“But most importantly as a country we need to embrace this technology and the opportunities it brings through education. That requires more focus at government level and that, in turn, requires a more long – term view and a move away from the blatant short-termism that blights so much of our political will.

“I believe that is possible to find a better balance between security and privacy. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that we all now have to give appropriate consent – so across the oceans of data that we now share with our telecoms providers, our internet providers, social media and the multitude of apps that we use to live our lives, our permission exists. This permission can be harnessed to ensure that our data is safe and secure.”