Amjid Mohammed


Advisory Board

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Head of Service Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Trust (on secondment)
Director Healthcare Engineering

Creator of SmartER

Amjid is an NHS  Emergency Medicine consultant with many years of working in front line medicine in the UK and overseas healthcare.  He has a wide experience of looking after all types of injuries and illnesses in adults as well as children in different healthcare settings, including post disaster management. He is an experienced teacher of trauma and other life support courses.

His experience in emergency medicine at a senior level, gives him the knowledge of how all parts of the NHS function. In particular, he has a keen interest in delivering better safer and more efficient healthcare to the population. He has developed a portfolio of solutions that enable better healthcare to be delivered to the patient and is consistent with NHS ambitions and that is fit for the future

He understands the political, financial and service aspects of the NHS and in  particular, he understands the needs of the patient .
Amjid’s aim is to change how we deliver medicine locally, nationally and internationally by putting the patient at the centre of their care processes.