Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

Chief Executive Officer

Personal Motto:“ Whats the worst that can happen?”

Self confessed maverick Andrew Bird founded GSM to bring a fresh approach to today’s business practises.

Inspired by David Fishwick’s actions after the banking crisis of 2008 Andrew decided to launch his own enterprise, rejecting the legacy models of business which inhibit innovation and stifle talent.

With an impressive track record, including winning the ‘Game Changers of the Year’ Award in 2016 for taking sustainable development goals into Wall Street, Andrew has set about transforming his vision for GSM and its clients into actions.

“I was told sustainability goals were not compatible with companies whose focus was delivering profits for his shareholders, and I proved them wrong. That project neatly encapsulates how I want to change the nature of business.”

“I am a maverick, leading a team of mavericks: none of us fit into the traditional mould and we all want to change the world. We don’t accept “this is how we do it” if we think there is another better, smarter way.”

Andrew’s passion for sustainability is driven by his determination to help undo some of the damage that business has caused the planet. “My aim is to leave a legacy, but not a financial one. I want to be able to say that I did my bit restoring values to business practises and help turn the tide of destruction we as a species have wreaked on this planet.

“There is a misconception that successful, profitable enterprises don’t care about the environment and that’s a view I want to change.

“If I had just one goal for GSM for this coming year it would be to attract at least one more global business to work with us on a project which positively affects the communities in which they work.”