Catriona Bogle

Operations Manager

Personal Motto: If it’s broke, fix it.

Catriona is in charge of the Manchester office where a large amount of our developers are based. She is the link between their work and our clients, and spends a huge amount of her time making sure they are happy and we are delivering on our promises.

A graduate of the University of Manchester she has been primarily working on our software app, Zoom, which enables private hire companies to compete with the likes of Uber.

She says her proudest achievement has been helping this part of the business grow, and watch the client base significantly expand.

She pays particular attention to detail – a vital skill when dealing with the projects we undertake – and is the person who we know can root out any bugs and ensure our apps are tested throughly.

We knew she’d be good at that sort of thing: She’s been playing music since the age of five and achieved Grade 8 in both cello and clarinet: for those of you who were never dragged to music lessons as a child that makes her very good.

In her spare time Catriona says she likes to go for walks in the Peak District or the Lake District, but includes the caveat that this only really happens when it is not raining. Knowing the weather in that part of the country, we have concluded that her second listed hobby of ‘going to the pub with her friends’ might be more frequent.

She can also answer almost any Harry Potter trivia question so if you have a pub quiz team short of a member, you know who to ask.