Dave Clark

Full stack developer and cloud solution architect

Personal Motto: Everything in moderation… Including moderation

Dave is our full stack developer and cloud solutions architect who specialises in the Microsoft Azure stack. In short, he helps businesses with the digital transformation by designing and writing the software, apps and websites which makes things happen.

With 20 years experience in the IT industry working, Dave has worked with a huge range of organisations from small charities and not for profit groups to global companies with multi million pound turnovers.

Adept at multitasking, although you’d never know it, his technical skills ensure that we can deliver the projects we recommend for our clients. But despite this knowledge, Dave is never one to sit on his laurels and is always learning new ways of doing things.

His proudest achievement at work has been developing the software to allow private hire companies to function online via apps, even before Uber. This technology has grown into a thriving company which has also assisted small companies to compete with the super funded multinationals.

It is that drive to change ‘the old ways’ if it brings improvement which means Dave fits nicely into the GSM family.

It is lucky for us – and our customers – that he did not achieve his childhood dream of being a bicycle repair man but we are content to let him out at weekends to go mountain-biking, as long as he has checked his brakes are in good working order.