Denis Abramov


Personal Motto: The impossible happens: plan for it!

Denis is one of our front end developers who has brought some of the latest web technologies to projects such as and the website for the humanitarian charity Mercy Ships.

He writes the stuff that you and your clients see and which brings your company to life on the Internet of Things and that makes him pretty important in our eyes.

He’s really dedicated to his work, and when we asked him what his favourite thing to do outside of work was he looked confused; it was then we noticed the little sleeping bag and pillow under his desk and we realised that he really LOVES his work and doesn’t stop until it is done.

He is a big admirer of Elon Musk, saying he “lives in another dimension”, somewhere Denis says he would like to get to as well.

Given Elon’s total dedication to technology and looking beyond what other people view as possible, it’s a mindset which we at GSM admire hugely.

The ethos of sustainability, although perhaps not one which always makes the front page of the papers, is also why Elon Musk is admired by our team.

When Denis is not working, which we understand is infrequently because he is always trying to further his skills and knowledge at work, he enjoys spending time with his family.

He said he wasn’t sure how he wanted to be remembered, but we think it’s a fair assumption to say it would be something to do with innovative technology which really made a difference to people.