Fareed Baloch


Personal Motto: “Clarity is power”

Fareed was almost a fighter pilot: he has actually flown a fighter jet but he decided instead that the entrepreneurial world was one he preferred.

And it’s lucky for us that he did, because Fareed is behind our people-centric designs that make GSM a company which really delivers for its clients. His focus is on simplifying concepts and he always undertakes research before he starts developing a new product or feature to make sure it delivers what’s needed to people who are able to use it.

After taking a huge leap of faith and quitting his corporate job to start his first company in 2011, Fareed has learned the lessons of being a small businessman and brings those medals and scars to his work here at GSM in order to deliver the best tech systems we can for our customers.

Fareed is a design-led and data driven tech architect who pushes himself and his team to keep building user experiences to make a difference in people’s lives.

And, if that weren’t enough, he also says he is quite a whizz in the kitchen.

He is an admirer of Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, whose latest works urge caution on the development of biotechnology and apparently does not own a smartphone.

Despite appearing opposites on paper, they do share the practise of Vispassana meditation and Fareed says Harari’s works have inspired him to see the world in a different way.

These two seemingly diametric ideals have merged nicely into Fareed’s wish to be remembered as a techo-sociologist. “I want to create something – a product, a system, a way of working even, which can shape technology for the good of society.”

It’s that kind of philosophy which makes him such a natural fit here at GSM.