Hanna Heggstad

Integration Manager

Personal Motto: ‘Calm seas never made a skilful sailor’

Norwegian Hanna, our integration manager, is something of a brainbox. She is fluent in English, French as well as three Scandinavian languages as well as holding a Master’s degree in political science and risk management.

With experience in regulatory compliance in multiple sectors including pharmaceutical, luxury and financial services she brings to GSM her dedication and enthusiasm for compliance and risk management.

As well as working in the translation industry, where she managed projects and ensured quality of delivery, she has designed and developed an ISO-compliant management service, from scratch, for a start up company in the language service industry.

“Ensuring consistent high quality helped build this company’s reputation as a serious and trusted player in a sector which is highly competitive,” she says.

Her strong work ethic and attention to detail ensures our clients really get the solutions they need to address their pain points.

“GSM offers the innovative solutions that are tailor-made to fit our customer’s needs but they need to fit in with the regulation that exists or there is no point in doing them.”

It is this passion for detail and compliance that led a ten year old Hanna to want to be a judge and gave her the focus at only 16 years old to pass her divers’ license.

“I love how peaceful and relaxing it is and how I can just switch off for the rest of the world.” But not just satisfied with conquering the land below the waves, she is also a keen sailor and when she is not planning the future geographical expansion of GSM she can be found on the high seas. Or a Fjord.