Matt Kendall

Matthew Kendall

Chief Technical Officer

Personal Motto: Enjoy what you do. Keep a smile on your face!

Technical wizard Matt is the Chief Technical Officer for GSM, bringing the smart ideas and latest innovation to enable us to deliver real results for our customers.

With over twenty years’ experience working in the tech sector, including owning and managing start ups in the USA, Europe and the UK, Matt delivers the no-nonsense jargon free ideas our clients can expect from us.

Like his business idol Thomas Lipton, Matt is always optimistic, believing in the power of the business and technology solutions we can deliver for our clients.

He is also fond of a cuppa.

A common trait in GSM members is the desire to give something back, and Matt said it was the “philathrophic viewpoint” as well as the cutting edge technology which drew him to the company.

“GSM is an agile company; able to move with the times and deliver the most up to date solutions because we don’t rest on our laurels.

“As a team we are always looking at the latest developments to see what they can bring to our business portfolio and as the Chief Technical Officer I like to lead by example.”

As a child, Matt wanted to be Knight Rider and we believe this love of technology allows him to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest developments in the market.

We are also looking forward to him developing a new company car.

A team player in a variety of sports as well as in business, Matt says he wants GSM not only to become the first point of call for companies who have pain points, “I want it to be the No. 1 place to work and the preferred company to work with.”