Paul Forrest

Advisory Board

Paul has some thirty years experience of helping to solve complex business problems, deliver transformation goals and to achieve tangible strategic outcomes. Hands on and deep thinking, he has worked with many FTSE 100 clients, Global 500 businesses and major Government entities around the world.
Working at Board Level, Paul has expertise in a wide range of domains including Business and Data Strategy, Insight & Analytics, AI, Blockchain and Big Data.  He has previously held global leadership roles in leading consulting practices and corporate finance teams and has been responsible for the development of methodologies for subject matter as diverse as trust, privacy and security through to digital transformation, lead advisory, commercial due diligence and post-deal transformation.
With a passion for disruptive innovation, Paul has deep involvement in several Blockchain Initiatives and ventures.  He has written extensively on the subject of Data, GDPR and Blockchain and the potential for a variety of ‘non usual suspect use cases’.  Paul has specific experience of the application of Distributed Ledger Technology for Film Distribution, Anti-Piracy, Drone Regulation and for Smart Contracts.  In addition, Paul currently advises several regulatory bodies and government agencies on the use of Smart Contracts.

Specialist areas of Paul’s experience include structured finance, private equity, venture capital and film finance, structuring and production. In addition, he is a Founder Member of the IdeaGist Global Blockchain Incubator, a mentor at Virgin Startup, and also sits on the board of a number of other agile, disruptive and challenger businesses in the data, legal, resourcing and consulting sectors.

To compliment his left brain skills and experience, Paul also has a keen eye for detail and a passion for creative and bold storytelling through film and photography.  A multi-award winning Producer, Screenwriter and Cinematographer, Paul has a robust appreciation for how to bring the most challenging narrative stories to the screen and is a published Photographer.