Stu Davison

Head of Creative

Personal Motto: If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough!

Stu is responsible for the designs of many of the websites we produce, as well as our own. His philosophy is one of ensuring simple message delivery through clean but creative design.

One of his proudest moments to date has been the design and build of the Mercy Ships UK website, which helps thousands of the poorest people in the world live a better life by offering medical treatments which, whilst readily available in the developed world, are still sadly lacking in the poorest countries.

“Knowing that having a clear area for donations, which allows people to easily give money to this wonderful charity and thus allowing them to make a difference to so many lives was a real buzz,” he said.

It’s the attention to detail that means Stu delivers great designs which provide what our customers need. The person he says he admires the most is Steve Jobs, for his beautiful designs and the i-products which took the world by storm. “Steve Jobs made Apple the company it is today by realising that people do not only want products that work and that are simple to use but they want their technology to be stylish.”

“By taking a step back and looking at the requirements with a fresh approach, you can combine a great visual image with the practicality needed for a website to deliver, and that is what I always try to do when I get a brief from a client.”

Stu is known at GSM for his approachable, smiling demeanour and the fact he is always prepared to help out – although he doesn’t like people knowing that he makes a really good cup of tea or he thinks he will forever be stuck by the kettle.

When he’s not working hard, he likes to spend time with his family and even goes trail running – for fun!