Trixy Sanderson

Trixy Sanderson


Personal Motto: “I don’t want that one”

Trixy joined GSM after a career working in politics and public affairs where she won an industry award for the launch of the 2009 Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal live from Iraq and helped structure the campaign for the biggest upset in British politics in recent years: the EU referendum.

She dislikes the notion of spin, preferring instead to promote companies by highlighting the genuine work they do. Part of her role at GSM is to translate ‘corporate speak’ into plain English, enabling people to really understand what projects are about.

“People in business often hide behind meaningless phrases and buzzwords but in true GSM style I like us to say what it is we do and help companies talk to their market audience in a clear, engaging manner.”

One of the core principles of GSM is that we don’t accept “this is how it is always done” if we think it can be done better.

Trixy has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK media and aims to bring that experience and knowledge to GSM. “The people we are working with at GSM have groundbreaking ideas and they deserve the widest possible coverage, not just making do with low circulation trade press.

“You should always look at what is possible, not what others do. The people we work with have these amazing ideas and it is our job to make sure we deliver our best, not what others think is ‘good enough’.”

Her goal for GSM is to try to get politicians to understand at least some aspect of technology in solving problems; something so far she is finding frustrating and wonders if it might be easier to get blood from a stone.